A downloadable Dark Hunch VR for Android

How to play:- point the camera at the block to move there.

Reaching the rightmost block you win but the game restart so um...i didn't get the time to create a win screen because of the puzzle design took way too much time.


This is my entry for the VR Jam 2020

This (Oculus Quest) game has you playing a new style of gameplay, Turn Based Horror! Too bad i found it the hard way that making puzzle games is difficult!

Install instructions

Download the APK

Use SideQuest to install the APK



darkHunch.apk 23 MB


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This looks cool! You should put it up on SideQuest!

i am hoping to find time to polish this for a better experience.

So pumped that you played this and recommended this !for Sidequest


This is a really creative concept, I don't think I've seen anything quite like this but it's a terrific idea.

wow! thanks a million to make my day! i am a VR product designer when i am not participating in Jams so i HAD TO come up with something unique to save my reputation in the Office...funny but true

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Reminds me a bit of Crack in the Slab from Dishonored 2.

ooh, that's a good comparison! i will be uploading a better version to the SideQuest next month maybe... 

Hi, this is my Oculus Quest game for VR Jam. Use SideQuest to install this

Let me know if you played this!