Description: You warp time to hit the enemies with their own bullets! Your black hole generator is critical so you can't time travel out of danger for long!

Hold SPACEBAR to REWIND but if you hold it for a few seconds the black hole generator will explode!
Reach the flags within time and finally cool your time travelling equipment in the RIVER!

Made withUnity


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Hey! I liked the game and the whole concept! The art and animations are also kinda cute!

Hi Daniel! Thank you very much for the motivation!

Okay, i realized that the time limit meter of the Rewinding time is disabled for my testing purpose so...yeah you guys can CHEAT till i get to update the game when the game jam will be over.


We all have these problems :D

Just don't think too much about it!

yeah, but i can't handle the misery and the 20% pain!