DON'T let CACTEE and SNOWEE enter the beach OR DUCKEE will not be happy.

Also, this is a shashKing KEYBOARD ONLY game. Using a mouse in this game is a punishable offense. We hope you have a lawyer. Actually lawyers! One for each day of the week! Just keep your mouse away, use keyboard.

ENEMIES move with the song rythm.

The game features 2 ORIGINIAL Songs written by shashKing (the 3rd was removed by neighbour protesting against the singing)


Too many Bugs in the game? Yeah, i always try finding time for my games but my day job eats away all my time. Game jams are the only way i stay motivated to actually sit in front of the computer

Made withUnity


Download 10 MB


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Easy, i just have to spam my keyboard. I like this game.


just don't break it. it wouldn't be much of a story to tell to your kids. "Long time ago, there was a loony game that popped the keys right out of the keyboard i used to have. What a magnificent of a keyboard game that was until all the QWERTYs fell off!"

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As a game , i like the art and the keyboard typing mechanic. I played by the rules and didn't use the mouse :) Maybe if you want to implement a scoring system it would be a cool a feature.

ONLY, if you insist. the lack of any score was a Joke since there is LITERALLY NO difference between game over and game win scenario!